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Mouth reconstruction

Embark on a complete smile transformation! Our tailored procedures not only enhance function but also perfect aesthetics. From implants to stunning veneers or crowns, we address missing or damaged teeth gum disease, and more, ensuring a captivating, healthy, and harmonious smile.

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Dental Implants

Say hello to a permanent, natural-looking smile. Our innovative dental implants seamlessly blend with your jawbone, offering stability, functionality, and a restored smile that feels just like your own teeth.

Home - Expert dental services in Hungary - Access-Smile


Transform your smile in just one week! Our groundbreaking All-on-4 technique utilises four implants to deliver exceptional stability and a renewed smile, minimising treatment time while maximising your confidence.

Home - Expert dental services in Hungary - Access-Smile

Dental Crowns and Bridges

Restore your smile’s strength and beauty. Crowns fortify damaged teeth while bridges bridge the gaps, enhancing both function and aesthetics for a natural, seamless smile.

Home - Expert dental services in Hungary - Access-Smile


Unveil a flawless, radiant smile in no time. Our custom-made veneers erase imperfections, from discoloration to chips, delivering a picture-perfect smile with swift, effective treatment.

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From planning to recovery: your complete dental journey

Get your treatment plan

Following your consultation, receive a personalised treatment plan outlining all available options to achieve your dental goals. This comprehensive plan includes detailed explanations and potential timelines for each procedure.

Get set for your trip to Hungary

Our dedicated Customer Support Team handles your travel arrangements, from flights to accommodations and transportation. They ensure a seamless and stress-free journey, providing assistance every step of the way to make your dental holiday to Hungary as convenient and comfortable as possible.

Get a new healthy smile

Experience expert treatment at our Hungarian clinic, overseen by skilled dentists, ensuring a comfortable and efficient transformation for your smile. Our state-of-the-art facilities and advanced technology ensure top-quality care and a positive experience during every dental procedure.

Get continued support

Post-treatment, our aftercare service guarantees your well-being, providing comprehensive guidance and support, ensuring a successful and confident recovery. Our team remains accessible for any concerns or queries, offering reassurance and professional advice throughout your recovery process.

Home - Expert dental services in Hungary - Access-Smile
Home - Expert dental services in Hungary - Access-Smile

Start Your Dental Holiday!

It is well known that Hungary has become a main tourism destination. Besides its charm and attractiveness, Hungary has developed to a top level in dental care and became a remarkable dental tourism location for foreign patients.

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