Prioritise your smile with dental implants abroad

If you are considering the possibility of travelling overseas for dental procedures, you would not be the first. Internationally, people are globetrotting for life-changing oral health treatments that are too costly in their home countries.

Who are we and why we are different?

We are Access Smile, a Hungarian dental travel company with a clinic located in Budapest and partner clionic Dublin. We understand that major dental surgery is unaffordable for most people, which is why we strongly advocate dental tourism.

What treatments are provided with dental tourism?

You may not need to travel to foreign countries for a general check-up, but dental implants abroad are an attractive option for two reasons. Not only is a costly yet life-changing surgical procedure made possible, but you are granted the opportunity of exploring somewhere new, all without spending your life savings as treatment and vacation are rolled in one.

How do I arrange dental implants abroad with your practice?

Your best option is to visit our local partner, Rathgar Dental in Dublin for an initial consultation – this meeting includes a close examination of your mouth as well as an X-ray or a CT scan to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for tooth implants.

After that, we will liaise with our associates who are based in Hungary.

Can I expect high-quality dental implants abroad?

You will be the recipient of superb quality dental implants, regardless of whether you receive treatment in Dublin or Budapest. We only use internationally recogised brands.

We are proud of our unsurpassed standards of services, our team of trained and highly capable dentists, not to mention our up-to-date equipment, tools, and technology.

You do not have to compromise on quality because you are paying less. It is important to remember that we set our dental fees according to the cost of living in Budapest.

Is there anything else that I should know?

You will not have to travel back-and-forth to Budapest for follow-ups but can see our local partner in Dublin, which is hugely convenient if you do not have the time to jump on a plane to see your dentist.

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